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NGM Exterior House Mechanics has been a top service provider in the Northern Kentucky area and surrounding communities. NGM Exterior House Mechanics sheet metal technicians have been serving the Northern Kentucky areas since 1994.

We specialize in copper flashings, custom coping, stainless steel fabrication, custom metal chimney caps, flue covers, brick replacement, water proofing and concrete chimney caps. Regardless of your project's size or scope, our company has proven to be a great resource for local contractors, architects, builders and homeowners alike. Expect quality craftsmanship, timely service and affordable pricing from our dedicated technicians for all your chimney repairs. Combining the state of the art sheet metal tools with NGM's skilled craftsman, means our company is an outstanding choice for Northern Kentucky custom metal fabrication and architectural grade stainless steal, aluminum, galvanized metal and copper metal work. Whether your project calls for copper, stainless steel, lead flashings or galvanized metal, we solder all seams and pockets (un-like some of our competitor's) you'll experience great quality chimney work at a reasonable price. CLICK ON THE CONTACT FORM BELOW OR CALL TODAY 859-359-0640 to receive your FREE chimney inspection.

Brick Replacement & Tuck Pointing

When masonry products are installed correctly, brick, stone and mortar construction is beautiful, durable and can last for decades. When not installed correctly, the structure can shift, crack, buckle and lead to costly repairs. Many times only basic brick mortar repair is required. In some cases more than the basic brick mortar repairs isn't enough and cracked or deteriorated brick may need to be replaced. Some brick repairs are needed on chimneys, window corners, door frames and garage door openings. NGM Exterior House Mechanics is theNorthern Kentucky areas number one call as the locally trusted masonry repair contractor. We pride ourselves as being the expert masonry repair contractor you can depend on, to take care of all your chimney repairs and masonry brick repairs. Bricks are one of the most durable materials that we have to build with, and bricks are generally more durable then the mortar that they are held together with. Tuck pointing a brick or stone wall/chimney when the mortar joints have been damaged by time and weather is critical in keeping the rain water from penetrating your home. Tuck pointing brick or stone is a process that involves replacing the damaged mortar that surrounds the brick or stone without relaying them. This involves grinding out any loose or spongy mortar that is in the joints and replacing it with new mortar. NGM Exterior House Mechanics offers unparalleled craftsmanship for tuckpointing, tear-outs, brick replacement and more, it is easy to see why masonry work is one of our specialties! CLICK ON THE CONTACT FORM BELOW OR CALL TODAY 859-359-0640 to schedule your FREE estimate on all your brick, stone and tuck pointing projects. Serving areas including Florence, KY & Kenton County, KY.

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Chimney Flashings

Chimney flashings is one of the most important parts of a chimney. It protects the area around the chimney from leaking water were the roof meets the chimney. It also is one of the most over looked area in the maintenance of a home. Chimney flashing is your first line of defense against water damage (leading to mold issues) and is also your last line of defense, because if water gets past your chimney flashing there is nothing else to stop it from penetrating your walls and ceilings. Here in the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Indiana Tri-State area, we get quite a bit of rain water every year, so whether you have a fireplace that is built with masonry stone, brick or wood, you will have to maintain the chimney flashings so that it won't leak. If chimney flashings are installed properly with the right materials and all seams and pockets soldered, your chimney flashings are able to last about 20 - 30 years here in the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Indiana Tri-State area. As a chimney repair contractor in the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Indiana Tri-State area for over 22 years, we have repaired thousands of chimneys for many of our customers and we always repair them in a way that they will last for years to come. If a chimney flashing is not installed properly, we will remove the old flashings and install new chimney flashings with the right materials soldering all seams and pockets. One of the biggest problems that we see in chimney flashings is that it was flashed with the wrong materials and not soldered correctly. CLICK ON THE CONTACT FORM BELOW OR CALL TODAY 859-359-0640 / 513-909-4646 for you FREE estimate on your chimney flashing project. Serving areas including Florence, KY & Akron, OH.

Chimney Crowns and Caps

Inspecting your chimney at least once a year will keep your chimney in good working condition. If loose brick or a cracked crown are not repaired, they can lead to a much larger repair later on. In the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Indiana Tri-State area, water is the number one reason that chimneys need maintenance and repairs. Any moss or dark discoloring on your chimney should be wire brushed or pressure washed off to keep your chimney in good shape. On most all chimneys, the first part to fail will be the chimney crown. The first mistake most contractors make in repairing chimney crowns is by using mortar to create a new crown. It is a fact that a mortar chimney crown will crack, creating possible chimney leaks. NGM's chimney crowns are replaced using reinforced concrete for a longer lasting chimney crown. Building your chimney crown out of concrete will extend the life of your chimney for many years and saving you money on future repairs. Not all chimneys in the Northern Kentucky area are built from stone or bricks. Wood chase chimneys are pretty common in our area also. These types of chimneys require custom made metal chimney caps. These chimney caps can be made from copper, stainless steal and galvanized metal with all the seams and pockets soldered. If these chimney caps are not properly soldered, then you are at risk for future chimney leaks. Here at NGM, we pride ourselves on correcting all chimney leaks with superior workmanship using the right materials installed properly. By using the right materials and properly installed, your chimney crowns and caps from NGM will last you for years to come, saving you money on repairs for years to come. CLICK ON THE CONTACT FORM BELOW OR CALL TODAY 859-359-0640 for your FREE roofing, siding, window, door, gutter and chimney crown or cap inspection.

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