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NGM Exterior House Mechanics has been a top roofing contractor for all roof repair and replacement services in Northern Kentucky and surrounding communities. We specialize in many types of residential and commercial roof repair services. NGM's focus on quality means acquiring the best material brands in the industry, while working with these manufacturer's to acquire the best pricing and fastest inventory availability. CertainTeed, Atlas, Owens Corning, GAF, Tamko, Carlisle EPDM and TPO are know to be some of the finest brands in roofing materials. NGM is proud to work with these high end materials for your roof projects. With experience, certified craftsmen dedicated to your satisifaction, we are the experts in residential roof repair CLICK ON THE CONTACT FORM BELOW OR CALL TODAY 859-359-0640 for a FREE roof inspection.

Roofing Repairs

NGM Exterior House Mechanics, is your expert roofing company in Northern Kentucky area, and that means offering full repair services for your shake, metal, flat, composition or tile roofing systems. We know that getting a roof repaired is a stress to many homeowners, but we also know that repairs are often a perfectly good alternative to installing a brand new roof system, and generally more affordable.

Most of us will talk to multiple roofing companies when trying to choose who is best for the job. Our experts can help you review and compare estimates, and provide a possible repair solution in the case that a contractor insists on a new roof installation. Our thorough roof inspection allows our specialist to investigate all issues associated with repairing or replacing your roof. This process assures no issue goes unidentified and prevents future unexpected and costly changes. NGM Exterior House Mechanics, offers high quality materials for any roof repair jobs, and we also understand the unique needs of homes in the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Indiana Tri-State area and how each material performs. CLICK ON THE CONTACT FORM BELOW OR CALL TODAY 859-359-0640and get a FREE estimate on your roof repairs today!

Roof Cleaning Services

NGM Exterior House Mechanics is proud to be your trusted Northern Kentucky roofing company, and that means offering services beyond repairs, including roof cleaning. We provide the necessary services to keep your roof in the best shape possible, including moss proofing and removal, fungus removal and more. As an essential part of your roof maintenance, regular roof inspections and cleaning ensure that your roof not only looks its best, but perform its best also - preventing possible damages and emergencies. The Tri-State Ohio River Valley brings us plenty of moisture, and as homeowners that means we need to be more prepared when it comes to protecting our roofs from the harsh and wet conditions.

From years of working on roofs around Northern Kentucky, we know that many roof "cleaners" utilize toxic chemicals that may eliminate moss or fungus in the short term, but are corrosive and harmful to your roof over time (not to mention the environment). At NGM Exterior House Mechanics, our cleaning and maintenance services are thorough and utilize only the best products - which are both undamaging to your roof, and biodegradable. Make sure you are aware of your roofs condition so that moss, algae or fungus growing do not compromise the effectiveness and lifespan of your roof. If not controlled, this moisture and growing can result in roof leaks, and overall weakening of your roof system - and that is why we recommend a roof maintenance check every winter to assure you are protected from these potentially hazardous issues. Whether you are in Northern Kentucky or one of the surrounding communities, expect the best advice and highest quality roof service when it comes to moss proofing, moss removal, and roof cleaning. CLICK ON THE CONTACT FORM BELOW OR CALL TODAY 859-359-0640.

Composition Shingle Roofs

Composition shingle roofs are the most popular choice of the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Indiana Tri-State area for homeowners. It is available in a huge variety of styles and colors to match your home. Modern composite roofs come with long (25-50 year) warranties and a Class "A" fire rating. An excellent value. Your roof is probably the most critical system protecting your home from the elements. At NGM Exterior House Mechanics, we offer a complete array of roofing solutions. CLICK ON THE CONTACT FORM BELOW OR CALL TODAY 859-359-0640 / 513-909-4646 to schedule your FREE roof estimate.

The most widely used roofing material is the composition shingle. Commonly known as asphalt shingles, they come in two types, differentiated by the base material. They consist of either an organic fiber mat or fiberglass core. Each type is impregnated with asphalt and coated with mineral granules to add color and texture. NGM Exterior House Mechanics roofing certified craftsman are experts in a wide variety of styles and composition roofing materials to match your home while proudly serving the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Indiana Tri-State area for over 28 years. You'll want to talk to a NGM expert to determine the best choice for your home and budget. CLICK ON THE CONTACT FORM BELOW OR CALL TODAY 859-359-0640 / 513-909-4646 for a FREE estimate on your next roof project. Serving areas including Florence, KY & Akron, OH.

Flat Roofing

Owners of homes with flat or nearly flat roofs used to be limited to hot tar as their only choice of roofing material. While hot tar (torchdown) is still an economical option, new technology, such as single-ply membrane roofing, provides even more durability, longer warranties and choice of color and textures. At NGM Exterior House Mechanics, we offer a complete array of flat roofing solutions and are one of the industry leaders for the Northern Kentucky area flat roofing and the unique needs of flat roofs in the Ohio River Valley area. With the advanced in quality of roofing materials, flat roofs can be a good option for homes in the Tri-State area. Many benefits come from the installation of a flat roof system. Flat roofs require the finest manufacturer products and NGM Exterior House Mechanics utilizes these systems to ensure success in your flat roof application. Further, these systems are the most complicated of roofing and require an advanced knowledge of roofing to avoid failure and leaks. NGM Exterior House Mechanics has a team assembled specifically for this type of work, using the finest products available for all your flat roofing needs. CLICK ON THE CONTACT FORM BELOW OR CALL TODAY 859-359-0640 for a FREE estimate on all your flat roofing, siding, , gutters and chimney projects.

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